Professional Rhythm Trifecta

Participating Competitions:

  • Embassy Ball
  • DBDC
  • Caribbean Dancesport

Points will be awarded as follows for Open Professional Rhythm Competitions:


1st. 100 pts

2nd.  90 pts

3rd.  80 pts

4th.  70 pts

5th.  60 pts

6th.  50 pts


Semifinal  40 pts

Qtr.Final  30 pts


At each of the 3 competitions, professionals will earn 2 pts for every pro-am entry they dance (both the lady and gentleman professionals’ entries will count)


Prize Money:

1st Place - $6000.00

2nd Place - $5000.00

3rd Place - $4000.00

4th Place -  $2500.00

5th Place - $1500.00

6th Place - $1000.00


Additional Rules:

1. When withdrawing in the middle of an event, couples will make only the points they dance and earn.

2. No points will be awarded for professional couples dancing in the Rising Star Rhythm events and couples must dance in the Open Professional Rhythm competition to qualify.

3. If a couple ends their partnership during the Trifecta, their points are void.  Individuals can re-enter with a different partner, but points will only be calculated from the start of that partnership.

4. You must be present at Caribbean Dancesport event to collect the prize.